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We understand that when you are looking for a North Las Vegas concrete contractor, you want a contractor that is up-to-date on the latest concrete installation techniques, concrete styles and repair techniques. We make it our goal to know all there is to know about concrete design, installation and repair, which means you can expect finished concrete that is high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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Our concrete installation and repair experts can repair and install all types of concrete surfaces, including patios, porches, driveways, sidewalks and garage and basement floors. We will gladly inspect your existing concrete, fill divots and holes, replace crumbling edges, level the existing concrete and perform concrete resurfacing in order to restore its durability and beauty.

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What our customers say about our service

It has been a pleasure working with Fortic Concrete over the past 5 years. They are a company with an incredible track record in both safety and quality service.

Martha E.

The best concrete contractor I have ever used, and I've used a lot of companies before. I'll gladly recommend Fortic Concrete to my friends and colleges.

Daniel F.

Very happy with the work Fortic Concrete did at our property. We were installing a concrete sidewalk and from day one we knew we hired the right guys. The whole project took about five days including concrete stamping.

Philip A.

Concrete repairs

Our concrete repair service is meant to assist in increasing the durability of your concrete. Over time, concrete ends up being pitted, worn, and damaged. Our concrete repair work services help slow down the deterioration and reverse issues which have happened in time.

A few of our concrete repair services take account of the following: Concrete leveling and repair work, Concrete pathway repair, Concrete Driveway Repair and Leveling, Concrete Pool Deck Leveling and Repair Service, Concrete Porch Leveling and Repair Service, Concrete Patio Leveling and Repair Service, Concrete Floor Leveling and Repair Work, Concrete Garage Floor Leveling and Repair.

Given the huge amount of concrete constructions in North Las Vegas, it's simple to take for granted. It enables us to live the life we do in our continuously developing urban landscapes. Like people, the concrete has to be well preserved. It's altered by the pressures along with the tensions of daily life.

Concrete deterioration might take place because of rust, water infiltration, structural damage, or numerous other factors. Many years of study plus decades of experience have allowed us to establish a totally detailed option to bring back and repair concrete structures. Our consumer assistance and suggestions is unrivaled, from idea to effective conclusion on site. Request us today at 702-935-3697.

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Structural Repairs, Lifting and Leveling

Crack, Divot and Hole Filling

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Concrete resurfacing

Fractures and potholes need repair. For noticeable wear, rough surface areas, consistent flaking, and slippery walkways, our resurfacing options are remarkable.

Fortic Concrete makes the rough surfaces become smooth and convenient once more. The flaking won't be a concern, and the sidewalks are safe. The functions of concrete areas is up to par. Here are our specializations:

• Interior Resurfacing - Exotic tiles and 100% natural stone can renew indoor floors. The costs, however, are substantial. Resurfacing is a varied situation. Our staff can change the interior flooring system and give them the appeal of bricks. Our professionals are caring, trustworthy, and meticulous. Our groups are licensed and knowledgeable.

• Garage Floor Refinishing - A crack or pothole in the garage can pose damages to a luxury vehicle. Your safety/convenience will additionally be jeopardized. There's absolutely nothing to bother with as we provide a refinishing option for garages of any shape. Our finishings are sustainable and long lasting, and they can stand up to abrasion, chemicals along with other poisonous components. Meaning, the breaking or flaking issue will not be a big concern.

• Exterior Resurfacing - Our concrete refinishing is a great option for block pads and driveways. Newly resurfaced concrete exterior locations would stay long lasting and aesthetic all year round. Because of our non-porous finish system. It is likewise straightforward to maintain, staying clear of unnecessary maintenance expenditures down the road.

• Brewery and Commercial Floor Refinishing - Floors in workplaces and other businesses are less permeable to splitting, peeling, delamination, and drainage issues. Indications of fracture require immediate action, and Fortic Concrete has a quick action time. Upon consultation, we arrange the concrete refinishing promptly. Then, we send out a qualified team as soon as possible.

• Driveway Resurfacing - Driveway takes damage from tree branches, soil motion, and inclement weather. These factors cause holes, and refinishing solutions are the most suitable treatment. Fortic Concrete applies a layer of cement on impacted locations and put on special materials to match your taste.

It’s possible to stain and stamp the new concrete overlay

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Concrete decorative

If you would like to bring back the beautiful and stylish appearance of your concrete, our decorative concrete service is ideal for you. It is an economical technique, so you will not experience an extra monetary burden from us. If you understand both quality and budget for your concrete needs, our service is the most ideal financial investment for you.

Our decorative concrete also has ultraviolet protected finishings to ensure that you can protect the longevity of your concrete from sun damage. We also boost its resilience to make sure that it can have strong resistance versus harsh weather. With concrete resurfacing, you do not need to invest more of your cash for its replacement. Thus, our crew can restore its suitable function and elegant appearance. It can have new color and texture, which is safe for everyone to stroll on.

Our staff have what it takes to be your ideal partner for your concrete resurfacing tasks. We will not leave you till you get the precise work that you desire. With Fortic Concrete, you can pick from various concrete resurfacing services such as concrete polymer resurfacing, stamped concrete overlay, rubberized concrete coatings, epoxy concrete coatings, and more.

We understand that your commercial service is a big investment for you. So, our experts will help you to enhance its success with our decorative concrete service. We will provide you an appealing and safe concrete that can leave a great impression with your clients regarding your industrial residential or commercial property. We value the support and regard that we obtain from our numerous clients in North Las Vegas. With that, we are more inspired and motivated to uncover options to please our clients with our services.

With Fortic Concrete, you can get quality customer support. We offer efficient communication to guarantee that we can transform your dream concrete project into truth. With the pros at Fortic Concrete, disappointments will not happen.

When you need a surface that is durable, beautiful and affordable

Decorative concrete can be stained to resemble marble, stone, brick, wood and tile

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Concrete staining

Fortic Concrete is here for all your concrete staining requirements. Our professional concrete staining contractors consistently bring fresh life to concrete floors. We provide your floors a robust defensive layer and safeguard them from future deteriorate. This finishing will definitely withstand heavy discolorations, traffic, and protect its luster for several years to follow.

Today, you can conveniently change the appearance of the concrete floorings on your property with the creative and elegant concrete floor staining services we supply. You will identify a great deal of colors you might pick from, not to mention that the completed items look the very same as the samples we offer, making the style match what you pictured.

We always source our stains from reputable providers and provide stains in a broad scope of color schemes and hues. We use the discolorations with the ability and care necessitated to accomplish the results you are looking for. On top of that, our team put in the time to understand your objectives along with your expectations before we commence any staining task. Our experts will coordinate with you to guarantee such expectations become a reality.

So why don't you start on your concrete staining task? A free, no-obligation quote of your concrete staining task is simply a phone call away. Get in touch with us by phone at 702-935-3697.

We can stain and seal all types of interior and exterior concrete surfaces

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