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We understand that when you are looking for a Beaverton concrete contractor, you want a contractor that is up-to-date on the latest concrete installation techniques, concrete styles and repair techniques. We make it our goal to know all there is to know about concrete design, installation and repair, which means you can expect finished concrete that is high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Highly trained and experienced crews
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Our concrete installation and repair experts can repair and install all types of concrete surfaces, including patios, porches, driveways, sidewalks and garage and basement floors. We will gladly inspect your existing concrete, fill divots and holes, replace crumbling edges, level the existing concrete and perform concrete resurfacing in order to restore its durability and beauty.

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I wish more companies were like Fortic Concrete. Very polite workers, they did an amazing job and I'm thankful for that!

Martha E.

The best concrete contractor I have ever used, and I've used a lot of companies before. I'll gladly recommend Fortic Concrete to my friends and colleges.

Daniel F.

Fortic Concrete was able to come out on the same day and patch it up good as new. I will be using them for future projects.

Philip A.

Concrete repairs

Serving thousands of residences and businesses in Beaverton, we have managed countless tasks of various sizes. Whether it is a construction mistake from a recent service provider or disintegration/scaling, we've got your back. Our concrete repair work can also repair the list below:

• Cracks - There's a selection of concrete cracks. Common examples consist of growth cracks, heaving cracks, and settling cracks. Every home and workplace is prone to these problems, however there's absolutely nothing to stress over. We have the technology and the best specialists for the job.

• Efflorescence - A taken shape compound, efflorescence, prevails on spillway side walls or other concrete surfaces. It is noted near thin cracks and can be an eyesore. Don't leave it neglected for days. Our extensive inspection and careful repair can bring back to your comfort.

• Erosion - Minor disintegration is simple to fix. Extreme eroding is a various case as it can jeopardize the concrete's structural stability. Fortic Concrete has licensed engineers and specialists to restore the security of family members and employees.

• Spalling or Popouts - The concrete repair at Fortic Concrete can take care of symptoms of spalling and popouts. We bring the necessary products to fill or patch the loss of small/ big concrete pieces. We additionally get the process done on time for your assurance.

Other Concrete Repair Services
We also fix damages on the concrete walkway, driveway, outdoor patio, pool deck, deck, floor, garage, foundation, and basement. We're a versatile and one-stop specialist for residential, industrial, and industrial property available.

We concentrate on maintenance services, including corrosion control, waterproofing, wetness control, structural upgrade, post-tensioning repair work, pipe strengthening, hydro demolition, and more. Regular repair work and upkeep from Fortic Concrete can make a huge distinction. Unnecessary replacement expenses will not be a problem. The security and convenience will be on a different level. Set a consultation today to enjoy our free price quote

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Structural Repairs, Lifting and Leveling

Crack, Divot and Hole Filling

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Concrete resurfacing

Cracks and potholes require repair. For visible wear, rough surface areas, consistent flaking, and slippery sidewalks, our resurfacing alternatives are amazing.

Fortic Concrete makes the rough surfaces become smooth and convenient once again. The flaking won't be a trouble, and the pathways are safe. The capability of concrete spots is up to par. Here are our specializations:

• Interior Resurfacing - Exotic tiles and 100% natural stone can rejuvenate indoor floorings. The prices, nevertheless, are very high. Resurfacing is a separate case. Our team can transform the interior flooring system and give them the appearance of bricks. Our service technicians are caring, trustworthy, and meticulous. Our crews are licensed and experienced.

• Garage Floor Refinishing - A fracture or pothole in the garage can present damages to a luxury automobile. Your safety/convenience will also be compromised. There's nothing to worry about as we offer a refinishing option for garages of any shape. Our coverings are sustainable and resilient, and they can withstand abrasion, chemicals in addition to other toxic products. Meaning, the cracking or flaking issue will not be a big concern.

• Exterior Resurfacing - Our concrete refinishing is a great alternative for slab pads and driveways. Freshly resurfaced concrete outside locations would stay resilient and visual throughout the year. Thanks to our non-porous covering system. It is likewise easy to maintain, staying clear of unnecessary maintenance expenditures over time.

• Brewery and Commercial Floor Refinishing - Floors in workplaces and other companies are less porous to cracking, peeling, delamination, and drain issues. Indications of crack need immediate action, and Fortic Concrete has a quick action time. Upon consultation, we schedule the concrete refinishing promptly. Then, we send out a qualified team as soon as possible.

• Driveway Resurfacing - Driveway takes damage from tree branches, soil movement, and harsh weather condition. These aspects cause pits, and refinishing services are the most suitable treatment. Fortic Concrete uses a layer of cement on impacted areas and put on special products to fit your taste.

It’s possible to stain and stamp the new concrete overlay

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Concrete decorative

We are pros in decorative concrete services. Fortic Concrete specializes in establishing premium quality and attractive resinous floorings for residential and business clients. We offer a vast array of flooring systems, products and options to meet our customers requirements. Our experts offer decorative concrete designs for example, dyed concrete, terrazzo floor, stamped concrete, epoxy garage flooring finishing, and lots of others.

We understand that every customer has separate requirements. Industrial customers might require to have the tough densified concrete and a lithium-based hardener. Despite the design you want or how wonderful your dream can be, we are here to offer you the driveway or walkways you need. A lot of people in Beaverton decide to patch pathway and brick paved driveways and numerous other options. Having said that, why select a conventional concrete flooring when ornamental concrete floor covering can make it look fantastic. Add various colors, designs, surfaces along with graphics for an amazing appearance.

If you intend to include character to your space or if you want to cover existing flooring issues, we provide lots of ornamental surfaces like overlays and recoloring. These can be used as an initial service. Even though decorative concrete services may be utilized directly on present floor covering, if the concrete is broken or harmed, we can use a decorative concrete overlay to repair the floor.

Fortic Concrete is among the most demanded concrete contractors in Beaverton when it concerns decorative concrete. We are the premier concrete contractor due to our individual services, in addition to providing our guarentee on every task. You can see the proof in the projects we do, in spite of how little or big the task is. We never jeopardize on the supremacy of the products we utilize. Our staff only use the most exceptional materials with the most recent methods in the market. Our staff are trained professionals who are able to work on all kinds of project. We complete every job with excellence. Call us at 844-944-1501# if you require a decorative concrete job in Beaverton.

When you need a surface that is durable, beautiful and affordable

Decorative concrete can be stained to resemble marble, stone, brick, wood and tile

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Concrete staining

We concentrate on delivering top quality concrete staining services. Using its one-of-a-kind and appealing end results, you can achieve combined curb appeal and functions.

Allow our professional team at Fortic Concrete to be part of your upcoming concrete staining job. We ensure that you will be pleased without solutions as we apply our innovative equipment and prior experience.

In the course of the concrete staining process, we thoroughly put on the quality acid stain, acrylic spots, or water spots on the concrete. Our people make sure that the interior and exterior of the stained concrete are very long lasting and simple to clean.

When you have decided on our concrete staining services, just feel free to decide on the following property locations:

We aim to help you experience the charm, sophistication, and price that concrete staining can give for your residential and commercial property. Our people supply a vast array of choices for your property, consisting of border patterns, graphic style, circular styles, marking, custom colors, and so much more.

We skillfully manage concrete staining jobs of all sizes. Regardless of what your requirements are, we guarantee that you will get rewarding results. Speak to us right away at 844-944-1501, and let's start a sturdy working relationship.

We can stain and seal all types of interior and exterior concrete surfaces

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