Concrete staining

Concrete staining is a popular choice that many of our clients have asked us about. It's one of the most cost-efficient ways to include a touch of class, appeal, and color to a floor, and we 'd love to discuss your options with you. Why is concrete so popular as a building material? Because it's low-cost and lasting. What else could you ask for from a building material? How about something besides a plain grey color? That's the one disadvantage of concrete that individuals will complain about. In its natural state, it's grey, dull, and boring. That's hardly an ideal material to use for a floor in your house, or even for a patio area deck. It's practical, and it will last you a long period of time if done well, however many people want something more for their houses.

Benefits of Concrete Staining

There are several reasons that increasingly more people are asking us about concrete staining. The main reason is expense. If you are looking to have a brand-new floor put in, then you've most likely already seen how pricey that it can be. If you are having a large area done you can quickly spend several thousand dollars. Doing an entire home can cost over $10,000. Most people don't have that kind of cash lying around, which implies that they'll need to finance the cost of their new flooring. Why would you go into debt to have your floors redone when concrete staining can be done at a portion of the expense? Concrete staining can add color, patterns, and character to any space, and it can be done at a fraction of the expense of a new flooring.

Another major benefit of concrete staining is that stained concrete maintains its natural strength. Concrete is a popular building material in large part due to its strength. It can last for a life time if mixed and poured correctly. Tile, wood, carpet, and other kinds of flooring do not last anywhere near as long. Why wouldn't you wish to try concrete staining when it's affordable and can last a life time?

The last primary factor that people are interested in concrete staining is the fact that it triggers very little interruption in your life. Have you ever had somebody set up tile floorings in your home? It's a catastrophe. You'll have a week or more of people removing your old floor covering then setting up the new one. Don't forget, you can't stroll on damp tile floorings, so that's another disturbance that you'll be forced to deal with. Stained concrete can be carried out in a single day, and it's dry and can be walked on in only a few short hours.

What Types of Concrete Stains Do We Work With?

If you are having an interior space's floor stained an alcohol dye is an excellent choice. Alcohol dyes include lively color to concrete and they are completely waterproof once they have dried. The only disadvantage of using alcohol dyes is that they will fade if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. So, using alcohol dyes outdoors isn't' a great alternative, and making use of alcohol dyes in rooms where there is a lot of sunshine isn't a great choice either.

The other type of concrete staining that we do is an acid-based stain. Acid-based discolorations use a lot of the advantages of alcohol dyes, but with the added benefit of being resistant to fading when in direct sunshine. The only downside of acid-based discolorations is that they need to be sealed to protect them. A clear polymer coat can protect your floor and the stain helping it to last for many years.

We've Got A Team of Experts That Would More Than Happy to Beautify Your Home by Staining Your Concrete Floors

When you are interested in having your floors stained then you ought to only trust an expert to work on them. Staining concrete is a relatively simple process, but it's not something that can be done well by individuals that don't have any experience doing it. We 'd more than happy to meet you and show you examples of work that we've performed in the past. Please give us a call today at Fortic Concrete so we can go over how concrete staining can help your boring concrete floors to become remarkable looking concrete floors.

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