Decorative concrete

Decorative concrete, when done by a professional, can add a beautiful component to the interior or exterior of your home. Have you been thinking about having a new tile floor put down? Or what about a brick overlay for your outside patio area? If so, then we 'd like you to take a moment to consider having us put down decorative concrete for you instead. Ornamental concrete can include a great deal of character to a room or patio area, and it can do so while maintaining the strength and longevity of standard concrete. Before you decide to have a brand-new floor put in, talk with us at Fortic Concrete so we can go over your options and show you how ornamental concrete can fulfill your requirements.

Stamped Concrete

Among the most popular kinds of decorative concrete that we work with is stamped concrete. What is stamped concrete? Stamped concrete is concrete that is inscribed by large stamping mats and molds while it's still damp. This leaves an imprint in the damp concrete that will remain in it once it dries. We can produce practically any type of pattern that you desire. If you want something original, we'll create it for you. If you want concrete that appears like stone, brick, or wood, we can do that as well.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete includes more than simply buffing the surface area of concrete. When we polish concrete, we utilize a special overlay over the top of it that bonds with the concrete, this overlay is called a densifier. The densifier we apply fills in all the small fractures, holes, and chips in the concrete leaving the surface level. After the densifier has dried, we go over it with a grinder to smooth and polish it. We use different colored densifiers as well as a clear option, so you can select something that goes with the existing decor in your house.

Concrete Overlays

If you desire a new surface for your concrete floor and would like to have a stamped design put in, then concrete overlays could be an ideal alternative for you. Stamped concrete appearances gorgeous when done well, but if you have existing concrete it can be a problem. Paying someone to rip out and replace your concrete floorings can be rather expensive, not to mention inefficient. Why would you wish to remove concrete floors that are structurally sound just to add designs to them? This makes little sense, specifically when you realize that concrete tends to get stronger with age. Concrete overlays can give you the benefit of a brand-new finish with a stamped design, without having to remove your existing concrete floor.

Where Should I Use Decorative Concrete?

A much better concern would be, where wouldn't you wish to use ornamental concrete? Concrete is such a flexible material that can be used almost anywhere. Why have a plain and boring looking driveway when you can add something different to it by having it textured. What about your garage? Have you ever considered having it polished? Kitchens and bathrooms are ideal rooms in your home for decorative concrete as well. Concrete is hygienic, resilient, and very simple to tidy up.

We Are Experts at All Types of Decorative Concrete

No matter what type of ornamental concrete you desire, or where you want it, we 'd more than happy to help. After more than 10 years in service, we are proud to state that we've helped a great deal of homeowners beautify their houses with ornamental concrete. We've done little jobs, huge jobs, and almost everything in between. Whether you desire something simple like having your garage polished, or you desire us to pour new floorings and stamp them, we've got you covered. If you are interested in decorative concrete, then you've come to the right place.

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Very happy to have worked with Fortic Concrete. We were installing a concrete sidewalk and from day one we knew we hired the right guys. The whole project took about five days including concrete stamping.

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I just completed a small construction job at my business and Fortic Concrete was super to work with.

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Professional, fast, and reasonable pricing for top quality work. Highly recommend for anything concrete. They do great work good people very nice!

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